Integrative Life-style – 7 Days Meal Plan, Breakfastwith

11 May 2018
A bad blend at breakfast will ruin your entire day, even a well functioning stomach needs 12 hours to recover digestion equilibrium after ingesting incompatible combinations of food.
Starchy carbohydrates, as cereals or toasts, should not be combined with any concentrated proteins. The best items to blend with starchy foods are non-acid fruits and fresh or light cooked vegetables.
Do not start eating immediately upon rising from bed in the morning, wait at least one hour, and use that hour for exercise.
                                                                           Day 1 – Breakfast
Oatmeal and fruits
Cooking time : 5 min,
Preparation time :10 min.
Ingredients for 2 persons :1 cup oat or spelt flakes, 2 cups of oat milk or other non sugar vegetable milk, a dash of
Vanilla beans, cinnamon powder and Himalaya salt (less than a quarter of tea spoon).
Serving with some of the  : sub – acid fruits as banana, peach, pear, apple, berries, dates, raw cocoa nibs, few walnuts, crushed flax seed  or other seeds.


Directions :

1.Boil water or milk and salt.
2.Stir in oats.
3.Cook about 5 minutes over medium heat; stir occasionally,
4. Add the fruits you wish before eating.


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