Qigongwith Farid Alipour

25 July 2018

Did You Know?

“Only 15 minutes of daily Qigong training improves your vitality, your quality of life and sleep, social activities, your health, your wellbeing and reduces your chronic fatigue”. This is the result of a British long-term study from 2008.

Qigong supports you to be calm, relaxed and natural. You will gain the power of positive self awareness, regardless of the circumstances, requierments and challanges  in your life. You start investing in yourself by allowing yourself to pause and create time and space for stillness from within. You will experience flexibility and innovation, crowned with joyfulness.

There are several options to start and continue your journey to well-being, health, balance, joy and inner peace. No matter which workshop, retreat, practice session of Qigong you join, you will always be able to integrate what you have learned as a new health and well-being practice at home.

Beginners and advanced students are both welcome!

We look forward to share the power and the beauty of Qigong with you!

Master Farid Alipour and the Integrative Life Community, 2018

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