Wellness and Lifestyle Retreat with Dr Michael Hollie and Master Farid Alipourwith

28 March 2018

Integrative Life Association is organising 7 days of complete retreat program for Implementing and Maintaining a Healthy Lifestyle, from 6 May-13 May 2018.
Dr Cindy Hollie and Dr. Michael Hollie are our special guests, for the nutrition program. During the retreat, the presentations take participants through the disease process and focus on how poor food choices fuel the destructive diseases. Our goal is not only to persuade people to change their eating habits, but also to educate them on the disease process and how food—both good and bad—affects these ailments. We teach the principles of “caloric density” and how food choices can cause you to gain, lose, or maintain your weight. “Please, No More Diets” focuses on the whole food, plant-based way to achieve and maintain a healthy weight without counting calories, points, or carbs.

The Yoga, Qi gong, Tea ceremony, Meditation will be guided by Master Farid Alipour, the founder of Integrative Life Association.

Our Yoga classes will help you increase your flexibility and also build strength, ensuring a healthy musculoskeletal system.
Qi Gong classes will help you control your breathing better, thereby increasing your energy level and also reducing your stress levels.

Through our Meditation classes you will learn how to be objective and become an observer; you will better understand how the body and mind function interdependently and the impact of their function on your daily experience of life.
We incorporate reconnecting with nature into our program by organising the retreat in a scenic countryside resort, surrounded by mountains and rivers.

Organic Whole Food Plant Based meals will be served three times a day, in a plenty of dishes, to understand the WFPBD can be nutritious and delicious. During the daily Cooking classes you will learn how to prepare food for you and your family’s health.

Many of us are unaware of how a change of diet can dramatically reverse diseases as heart disease or diabetes.

Participants are very pleasantly surprised to learn that by changing their diet, they can break the “family cycle.” Finding out that we do not have to be victims of our relative’s diseases may be a welcome paradigm shift which can lead to great happiness!


During the retreat, the dramatic improvements are simply the result of a highly nutritious diet, exercise and a focus on better daily habits.

Average weight loss is 2 Kg in 6 days — all while eating unlimited amounts of delicious foods, served buffet-style.

The results speak for themselves: significant improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar.

Basic blood tests — cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and thyroid function (TSH) — are available.

The mountain villa is located in Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, Doftana Valley, a very quiet and perfect place for outdoor activities.

Promotional price for early booking: 450 euro/person for accommodation in a double room, teaching, courses and all the meals included;

700 euro/person for accommodation in a single room, teaching, courses and all the meals included.

We are waiting for you, see you soon!



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