Tao is a way of life, not a God or religion, is one of the richest and oldest ongoing philosophical tradition in the world.

Taoism is concerned primarily with the life on earth. It equivocally equates physical and mental health and insists that only a strong, healthy body can house a strong, healthy spirit, which is why Tao focuses strongly on health and longevity in harmony with the nature. 
Tao cannot be petitioned in prayer, but it can be utilised in practice.The prime importance in Taoism of practice over faith, experience over erudition, cannot be overstated. Half way measures never suffice: one must go “all the Way”.
With its unique blend of physical and mental regimens and its equal emphasis on theory and practice, Taoism has come to include such diverse elements as alchemy, deep breathing, calisthenics, sexual disciplines, herbal medicines, diet, heliotherapy, and much more. All those are included in the Taoist “bible”, a massive tome called Tao Tsang (Treasury of Tao), ranked among the world’s lengthiest canons, 1.120 volumes compiled over a period of 1.500 years.
                                                                                                            History of Taoism in China, Daniel Reid

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