“Detox and Lifestyle Change” Greece 3-10 June 2022with

23 June 2022

Restart your body!

The program is designed by Master Farid Alipour, he has long experience in detox methods and programs.  He gained his experience in well known Spa Detox Centers around the world as:  Spa Samui – Thailand, Thelifeco – Turkey and Navotu – Cambodia  .  Juice detox involves consuming vegetable and fruit juice for a short period of time.

What does detox means?

Detox is a process or period of time in which one abstains from or rids the body of toxic or unhealthy substances.
Detoxification is happening in the body all the time.

What organs are responsible for this process?
1. The skin
2. Lungs
3. Kidneys
4. Colon
5. Liver
6. Lymphocytic system

How often do we need to do detox?

We can do daily detox.
We can do one day a week.
One week in every seasonal change. Which will be 4 a year every 3 months.
These are the times you can use for detox.

During this 4 Detox days you will be informed about all of them. But we will have only 3 days detox with you in this program.

Which are the benefits of detox program?

1. Helping the body to get rid off the toxins.
2. By creating space for the body to heal itself.
3. Give the organs a break.
4. Very effective method to get rid off bad habits, or addictions, such as sugar addictions or junk food and so on.
5. Strengthening the immortality.
6. Fighting the diseases.
7. Boosts your energy
8. Clearer thinking and stress management

We will choose to hold a juice fast, using more vegetables than fruits because of higher minerals and lower sugar content, vegetables have more curative effects than fruits as well.
Drinking water, having oolong tea.
Using psyllium husk powder as a cleansing plant and stop the hunger.
Using herbal supplements to speed up the detox process.
Using enema to help the colon to eliminate the toxins.
Using different enemas like coffee and herbs.

We are going to use a special yogic method for detox process, like Nauli and others.

Qigong will be also a part of the program which is very beneficial especially when it comes to breathing.

We will practice meditation and learn how to use our mind in a healthy way.

Learning about different types of fasts like dry fasting, water fasting and others.

Juice Detox Retreat Greece

Cleansing and juice detox program.: 

 07:00 – Wake up call ( long bell)

07:30 – Qi Gong

09:00 – Juice

10:00 – Sun Bath and swimming

11:00 – Health and nutrition workshops

11:30 – Walking Meditation

12:00 – Juice and Relaxation

15:00 – Tea Ceremony and Juice

18:00 – Yoga

19:00 – Juice

20:00 – Walking meditation

21:30 – Sleeping time


– 560 € per person for  accomodation in double room + all fresh organic juices included + transfer by boat to the resort + 1 massage +every day Yoga & Qi gong classes.
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For booking: +40 724 588 935  /  contact@integrativelife.ro