11 October 2018

Michael Hollie MD, main speaker for “”Live Longer, Live Better: Conquering Chronic Disease!”

Older events:

Integrative Life is organizing 3 days of Health Conference “Dinner with the Doctor”, with a special guest, Michael Hollie MD

Many people are sadly under the impression that they are a victim of their genetics. I often hear participants talking about their father, mother, uncle or aunt who has heart disease or diabetes and they assume that they have these diseases because they are in their genes!

Dinner with the Doctor – Health Conference

Day 1: “The Aching Heart: Are Medicines the Only Answer?” – 2 May, 19:00, Bucharest

The top three leading causes of death in Romania are related to cardiovascular disease. Learn a practical, heart-healthy approach that safely lowers high blood pressure, lowers cholesterol and reduces the risk of stroke without medications. In most cases, heart disease can be improved by simple dietary and lifestyle changes.

Day 2: “Preventing and Battling Cancer” – 3 May. 19:00, Bucharest

Cancer accounts for 4 of the top 10 causes of death in Romania.
Learn the common causes, prevention, and solutions for this dreaded disease.
Begin and lifestyle that boosts your immune system cleanses the body and helps fight and prevent cancer!
Simple dietary and lifestyle changes can help you avoid the risk factors for cancer.

Day 3: “Diabetes and Obesity: Is It All Just My Genes?” – 4 May, 19:00, Bucharest

The number of people with type 2 diabetes is growing at an alarming rate! Millions of people suffer from a multitude of health problems associated with diabetes. Is It Just Your Genes? Get answers to the prevention and even reversal of Type 2 diabetes. Learn how to lose weight and keep it off with no diets! There are many “diets” that are promoted today, come and learn about a healthy approach that works without counting calories! It’s not a fad … it’s a lifestyle that will revolutionize your health and your future. Bring a friend and start together!


Day 1: “The Aching Heart: Are Medicines the Only Answer?” – 50 € / person
Day 2: “Preventing and Battling Cancer” – 50 € / person
Day 3: “Diabetes and Obesity: Is It All My Genes?” – 50 € / person

Special Packages:
– For all 3 Days: 130 € / person
– For groups (minimum 5 persons): 40 € / person / conference

Wellness and Lifestyle Retreat 6-13 May, Doftana Valley

During the whole retreat our goal is not only to persuade people to change their eating habits but also to educate them on the disease process and how good or bad food effects these illnesses. Many of our guests are unaware of how a change of diet can dramatically reverse heart disease.


– 450 € per person for the full program and courses with shared double room
– 700 € per person for the full program and courses with a private room

For booking: +40 724 588 935 / contact@integrativelife.ro