About the event

Lifestyle Medicine Retreat, Doftana Valley 14-21 October


The program takes place at the Romania’s Carpathian Mountains, in Doftana Valley, in a villa placed in a quiet place, near a natural river, surrounded by forests, perfect for outdoor activities.
Many participants tell us that our 7-day program is the best vacation they’ve ever had!

7 days of complete retreat and lifestyle program: yoga, Qi gong, tea ceremony, meditation, nutrition courses, cooking classes and organic whole food plant based diet.

Promotional price for early booking:
– 550 € /person for teaching, courses and full pension in a double room
– 800 € /person for teaching, courses and full pension in a single room

Our program is a research based health and wellness program, designed for the modern individual. The World Health Organization defines health as a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity.

Our fast paced life often dictates a stress filled unnatural day-to-day experience, accompanied by decisions such as breakfast versus an extra half an hour of sleep followed by a large coffee. As a consequence of poor sleep, calorie rich diet and caffeine fueled zipping through life, we tend to speed up the aging process. In addition, we tend to cope with the stress by smoking, “snacking” and drinking alcohol, further speeding up the ageing process.

Under such state of anxiety, our immune system falters, leaving us open to diseases and organ dysfunction. Nowadays, being on a regular dose of blood pressure medications, insulin injections, and sleep aid anxiolytics is considered normal.
Our program is designed to teach the individual a new way of life, which even if not followed thoroughly, will produce significant positive health results. Research driven whole food plant based diet will be discussed in detail, followed by cooking classes using organic ingredients provided by our nutritionist Farid Alipour, who received his training from T. Colin Campbell’s Center for Nutrition Studies, Cornell University.
Our Yoga classes will help you increase your flexibility and also build strength, ensuring a healthy musculoskeletal system.

Qi Gong classes will help you control your breathing better, thereby increasing your energy level and also reducing your stress levels. Through our meditation classes you will learn how to be objective and become an observer; you will better understand how the body and mind function interdependently and the impact of their function on your daily experience of life.
We incorporate reconnecting with nature into our program by organising the retreat in a scenic countryside resort, surrounded by mountains and rivers.

Our goal is to make you healthy, to help you understand your health problems and how to resolve them.We also introduce sources which you can trust when it comes to nutrition and health. It’s highly important since we are living in a chaotic environment when it comes to nutrition.

During the retreat, the dramatic improvements are simply the result of a highly nutritious diet, exercise and a focus on better daily habits.

Average weight loss is 2 Kg in 6 days — all while eating unlimited amounts of delicious foods, served buffet-style.

The results speak for themselves: significant improvements in blood pressure, cholesterol, triglycerides and blood sugar.

Basic blood tests — cholesterol, triglycerides, blood sugar, and thyroid function (TSH) — are available.

Daily schedule

Activity Hour
Wake up call ( long bell) 7:00
Yoga 7:30
Breakfast 9:00
Cooking Class 10:00
Health and nutrition topics with Dr. Hollie 11:00
Walking Meditation 11:30
Outside Activity 12:00
Lunch 13:00
Break 14:00
Tea Ceremony 17:00
Qi Gong 18:00
Dinner 19:00
Movie and Q&A talk with Dr Hollie 20:00
Sleeping 21:30
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